About us

Founded in 2017 by Hady Zaky and Haissam Zaky, Retrigo was created to provide an alternative vacation portal. Retrigo believes that a health & wellness travel experience can change people's habits and allow them to live healthier and stress free life. We want everyone to have the travel experience of their dreams. With Retrigo browse our experience offerings or even book your very own unique, customized experience.

Our team

Hady Zaky has been the founder of several successful start-ups and has over 12 years of work experience in the business and IT industry. Hady is a professor at Concordia University’s executive MBA program, an author, and a member of various advisory boards. He is a sports enthusiast, practices crossfit for 5 years and he was a water polo national team player.

Haissam Zaky is an IT professional with a great experience of different technologies and entrepreneurship activities. Haissam has a master degree in IT engineering and is the owner of an IT development consultancy service for the last 15 years.