Eco Friendly Surf Holiday

Vida Pura Portugal

7630-174, Portugal

The beautiful Odeceixe beach has many uncrowded wave spots that are suitable for you to experience surfing. You will stay in five-star accommodation and relax during the holiday. In the free time, trekking, cycling, or horse riding are perfect choices for people who want to try new things. One main goal of this holiday is to help you enjoy nature, sea, sand and surf, and de-stress.
You will start your day with a nice breakfast. In the morning or afternoon, the exact time depends on the tide, it is time for surf up and you will head to the beach of Odeceixe for your surfing lesson. You will be provided with all the gear you will need and the experienced surf instructor will guide you through the lesson. Go paddle out and stand on that board.
Lessons are about one and a half hours. You will have your free time and just spend it as you want. There are many options for you to choose such as sunbathing, strolling, shopping, chilling, getting a massage, and yoga.
This retreat is located in the middle of a reserve close to the town of Odeceixe and its marvelous beach. During the day and especially at night, it is so quiet so you can hear a pin drop. The nocturnal animals sing their songs and the stream that divides the Algarve and the Alentejo trickles endlessly over the land. You can take great hikes by the river stream and up or down the valley....
The Odeceixe beach is the first price-winning beach in the huge natural park that surrounds it. The beach is great for surfing, body boarding, and sunbathing. At the river side, the ocean’s waves are cancelled out and harnesses great opportunity for families with smaller kids.
If you want some more movement but not too much, you can take a bike, walk, or drive to Odeceixe, a little sleepy town but vibrant in summer. Around the area, traditionalism is very tangible and agriculture and fishery are one of the main activities. It is an area where you can still find donkeys ploughing the fields and the fish is served straight from the boat onto your plate.



Eco Friendly Yoga Holiday

Eco Friendly Yoga Holiday