Kitesurfing In Florianopolis

7 Days Kitesurf Camp in Florianopolis

Florianopolis Kitesurf Camp

Brazil Surfing Adventures invites you to a memorable surfing holiday in exciting Brazil. You will stay at their Florianopolis surf camp and learn surfing with professional certified instructors and have an incredible week of surf, sun and partying. Discover a passion for surfing that will last a lifetime. You may also want to try to learn the equally thrilling kitesurfing. If you have a passion for surfing and enjoy the sun, surf, and sand, this surfing vacation package is for you.


Enjoy the nightlife

Free use of cellphone

Professional certified instructors

Amazing beaches and natural surroundings

Delicious Brazilian style breakfast

6 nights accommodation


You will stay at private studios equipped with full kitchen facilities, private bathrooms, Wi-Fi connection, and balcony and barbecue place or at three private 2 bedroom houses (single or double bed) also equipped with full kitchen facilities, private bathrooms, Wi-Fi connection, balcony and green area.


This kitesurf vacation will take place in Florianopolis, Brazil


6 nights accommodation

Airport pick-up and drop-off

Daily breakfast

Brazil Surfing Adventure Kitesurf Program

Whether you have never kitesurfed before and always dreamed of learning or if you just want to improve your existing skills, Brazil Surfing Adventure has the coaching staff that will enable you to reach your goals in a fun, comfortable and safe learning environment. Kitesurf instructors will spend a great deal of time with you teaching and helping you improve your technique, including mount the equipment, launch the kite, handle the kite , bodygraging , board balance, getting to your feet and once youre comfortable with that, more advanced topics such as carving and cutbacks.

Know before you go


Buses are totally safe and cheap (for about 1 USD you can go to any beach). Taxis can easily be found and are safe too, but make sure you come up to a price before you leave to your destination. In Florianopolis hitchhiking is still safe and a lot of people actually stop. Car and motorcycle rental are also available with prices starting around 20 USD a day.

What to bring

Winter time (June to August): Bring warm clothes such as pullovers, a rain coat, sweaters and pants to use during the mornings and the coldest days when the temperatures sometimes can get as low as 10C (50F) or lower. Summer (from November to February): you should bring only light clothes, but a rain coat can be useful for the tropical rains that fall in this time of year. Dont forget sunscreen since the sun can get very intense in this time of the year. Mid-season: In these portions of the year the coastal areas will present warm days and cooler nights, so it is safe to pack a few warmer clothes as well as light ones.


Brazil accepts tourists from all over the world under the eligibility of a pre-requested visa. There are different kinds of visas, the most popular being the tourist and business. If youre traveling for some other purpose, (example, educational, research or other) check with your Consulate prior to application. Keep in mind that it is unlawful to engage in business or professional activities in Brazil on a tourist visa. Ask your travel agent or consult the nearest Brazilian consulate/embassy.


Usually vaccinations against Yellow Fever are not required when traveling to Brazil but there are some exceptions and some recommendations. For persons arriving from or having passed thru the following countries, within three months, a Yellow Fever International Immunization Certificate will be required. These certificates take 10 days to become effective and are valid for 10 years. - Angola, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina, Cameroon, Columbia, Congo, Ecuador, Guyana, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Venezuela and Zaire. It is recommended however that all travelers anticipating the visitation to the following states in Brazil be vaccinated. - Acre, Amazonas, Amapa, Distrito Federal, Goias, Maranho, Mato Grasso do Sul, Para, Rondonia and Tocantins.

Medical information

Brazil has an excellent network of private hospitals and clinics in the major cities. Private medical assistance can be more expensive, but Brazil has a public health service that will look after foreign visitors in an emergency. Medical Insurance is recommended for all visitors.

Additional information

For more information, ask your questions directly to Brazil Surfing Adventure, who will be happy to assist you.

What's not included


Things to do (optional)

Enjoy a daytrip aboard a schooner boat around the whole island.

Go on a trip to Campeche Island. Spend a day in a practically virgin island, snorkeling, hiking, or just enjoying the beach, along with some fish and coconut water served by local fisherman.

surfing lessons


from: Jul 21, 2017
to: Jul 21, 2019
Martial arts:
Jiu jitsu
Krav maga
Kung Fu
Muay thai
Scuba Diving
Water Rafting
Weight loss
Country: Brazil

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