Cat Kabira Yoga Energetics

Cat Kabira E-RYT 500, Founder of Yoga Energetics School: Initiations, Purifications, and Activations for Foundation and Advanced Practices in the Yoga, Shamanic and Energetic Arts

Cat Kabira is more than just a yoga teacher. Cat creates experiences for you to draw into your center and hone the full potential that is you. She teaches her signature dynamic Core Flow and Biodynamic Yin in classes, workshops, immersions, and trainings. Cat has also developed Yogic Vision Quests – or yoga nidra – enabling you to access your own healing state and begin to dream awake. Her work is born from trainings and immersions with shamans, healers, and craniosacral therapists as well as her time spent meditating and training with monks and yoga masters around the world.

Cat's teaching revolves around clarifying and igniting our body and field so the true magic and life force living inside us can fully pulse. Cat has created programs in yoga and energetic work for kids, families, students from aged 20-60 as well as an empowering therapeutics and yoga flow program for women over the age of sixty. She also works with grief, the initiation of death, and with those who have already passed over.

Cat's life changed when she realized the magic is truly within and there’s nobody or no thing that can give that to you. Her work awakens you to the rush of Light inside of you so you can be free from any external hooks, past trauma, or addictions that drain you from your power. Your power is you, connected to the Light and Love. Having grown up with and dealt with sexual, physical and emotional trauma and drug addiction herself, Cat is skillful in empowering those to free themselves from these imprints and habits that block our life force.

As one of Cat’s students says, “Transformation and life-changing aren’t just taglines with Cat. She’s the real deal. Spend some time with the Cat Magic and your world will be changed forever.”

You can train with Cat in her Foundation and Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings as well as workshops and trainings in the Yogic, Shamanic and Energetic Arts.

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